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The Unleashed...Blogger?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Blogging has never really been something I planned to do. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know...videos, particularly Facebook lives, are much more my brand. We've spent the past four years getting to know each other during our live chats, and building relationships I never imagined could result from social media interaction. We have celebrated so many important milestones together in the comment section of those live videos - from birthdays, to weddings, to births and even the small stuff like surviving another week of mom life or making a Target run without going bankrupt! And you've all been there with me for the ups and downs of my crazy journey, too. I'm so proud of the friendships we've made and so grateful you have all stuck around through it all! So why in the hell would I choose to turn the camera off and start a blog?

First off, don't worry. Facebook lives are still totally happening! I couldn't imagine NOT doing lives anymore. I'd miss you all too much! But lately, I've been struggling to find a way to keep sharing all my favorite things with you without getting overwhelmed, or worse yet...overwhelming you. It's kind of like that Target run I mentioned before. You all know how this goes. You make a quick trip to Target to grab toilet paper. Once you get inside, you notice they have the new fall decor out on display. And they have a whole aisle of candles! Oh! And of course you can't pass up the sale on those cute farmhouse throw pillows you just walked by! Before you know it, you're in the parking lot with a trunk load of stuff you never intended to buy...and no toilet paper. #amiright There's just too much goodness pulling you in too many directions, and you lose focus of what it is you really want or need. That's when it hit me! I needed to pull out of that parking lot and never look back! I needed a new game plan!

At first, it was just the idea of this website. I needed a more streamlined way to manage my affiliate links, so you guys could always get the best deals on your favorites! Easy enough! But that didn't even begin to solve my problem of the worst case of "squirrel brain" I'd ever had before. Never the less, I dusted off what little I could remember from my Website Design class and came to Wix to get the project rolling. In a couple of quick clicks, I knew what I needed to do. I would create a blog that would essentially act as my plan for a given period of time. Whatever I blogged about one week would be the inspiration for all of the content I'd be creating for all of my socials. Ideally, I'd be able to sit down and write a blog post one day, then spend the next few days making videos, snapping photos, etc. that would all tie back in to whatever topic I was writing about. For the first time in four years (ok, maybe more if I'm being really honest), I felt like I had a solid plan to stay focused and get sh*t done. Hallelujah!

At this point, I've already got a handful of ideas in the works that I'm so excited to share with you! I almost feel like a real beauty blogger! Common topics around here will be skincare, fashion, and even wellness/self care. But I also think it will be fun to incorporate a little behind the scenes peek into my unleashed life. Lord knows these tiny humans give me loads of content to work with! If you have any other topics you'd like my take on, I would love to get your feedback! Feel free to drop those ideas in the comment section, and I'll start a list. While you're there, be sure to subscribe, so you never miss a post!

Thanks so much for sticking around for another crazy twist in this wild journey. I love you all so flipping much!!

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