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Hello, Pumpkin! Why You Should Add Pumpkin to Your Skincare Routine

Pumpkins aren’t just for adding a festive fall touch to your front porch or spicing up your lattes anymore. Sure, they look good and taste like heaven, but in recent years, pumpkins have also been making their debut in skincare and with good reason! Pumpkin is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are not only good for us, but can also have a major impact on our beauty! Take a sip of that PSL and keep reading to find out why you need to add pumpkin to your skincare routine, and get ready to celebrate pumpkin season all year long.


Pumpkin is loaded with Vitamin A (a known collagen booster) and Vitamin A-derivative, beta-carotene, which is known to decrease wrinkles, reduce dark spots, and even aid in the reversal of UV damage. Vitamin C in pumpkin also works to prevent further damage from the sun and free radicals. The small molecular structure of pumpkin also makes it more easily absorbed by the skin than most topical treatments.


Pumpkin enzymes scare away the breakouts acting as a gentle exfoliant, penetrating deep into pores to reduce sebum and kill bacteria. Pumpkin is also packed full of B vitamins, such as niacin, riboflavin, B6 and folate – all known to improve circulation and help improve cell turnover. The Zinc in pumpkin seeds helps control hormone levels and oil production, which can both be extremely beneficial in fighting stubborn hormonal or cystic acne.


Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), made up of fruit acids, boost cell turnover to brighten and smooth dull skin and leave your complexion glowing. If you’re new to AHAs, it’s also worth noting they’re total rockstars at reducing hyperpigmentation!


Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin E, (Alpha Tocopherol) and fatty acids, which have the ability to fight free radicals, reduce redness and inflammation, and soothe and soften dry skin. Incorporating pumpkin into your skincare routine will leave skin looking and feeling softer, more even and glowing like a jack-o-lantern on Halloween Eve.

For a pumpkin packed glow, try my favorite: Pumpkin Oat GLOW & MASK from Bambu Earth* (from $10, Bambu Earth). This exfoliant and mask soothes and brightens, firms and tones, and is gentle enough for use with all skin types. I love a good multi-tasking product, and this one does not disappoint. The Pumpkin Oat GLOW & MASK can be massaged into damp skin and rinsed away for a fast, gentle exfoliation; or massage it in and let it dry (10-15 minutes) before rinsing for the full masking effect.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, try this DIY Pumpkin Sugar Body Scrub recipe. Pumpkin puree makes a vitamin-rich base for this fierce and festive shower scrub.


· ¼ cup pumpkin puree

· ¼ cup olive oil

· Coarse sugar


Mix together pumpkin puree and olive oil. Slowly stir in small amounts of sugar until mixture forms to a thick slurry. In the shower, rub all over with washcloth, hands or loofah and rinse. Store in refrigerator in glass jar or container.

*This content contains an affiliate link. Any purchases through links contained in this post may result in the payment of commissions to the author. Regardless of affiliations, Sarah Cormier/The Unleashed Beauty does not recommend products she does not personally use and approve.

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